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Posted on Aug 5, 2020 in Blog, Gadgets | 0 comments

Why wooden activity cubes are golden

Why wooden activity cubes are golden

With so many toys available for children these days, it can be challenging to find the right one for your baby. However, if you know your priorities, the task can be simplified. There is no denying that a wooden activity cube is one of the best options.

One look and you can tell right away that having a bored child should be the least of your worries. The many activities a wooden activity cube offers can keep your little one entertained for hours. It can also help develop your child’s motor skills, critical thinking, and many others.

Safer Than Plastic Counterparts

Many have recalled toys that are out of plastic. It’s because they usually contain lead, which can cause many health problems when ingested by children. Some of the most serious ones include brain and nerve damage. Because the nervous systems of children are still developing, it is a must that they are kept from coming into contact with lead.

It is when the health perks of providing your little one with a wooden toy, including one that provides all sorts of mental and physical activities, come in. Because it is out of all-natural materials, you can have peace of mind that it is free of lead and other toxins.

However, ensure that you opt for a high-quality product. If its paint is toxic or it has splinters, a wooden toy can still harm your child.

No Batteries Required

Battery-operated activity cubes are a delight to play with. Babies won’t be able to resist the electronic sounds and flashing lights that they make. Sadly, most of them come with steep price tags, which is to the dismay of budget-conscious parents.

If you want to save some money without skimping on your youngster’s enjoyment and learning, consider going for a wooden activity cube.

Other than costing cheaper than most counterparts that run on batteries, it can also save you from always shelling out money just to keep it functioning. The problem with giving your little one a battery-operated toy is that its running cost can keep on leaving a dent on your wallet, until such time that your baby has outgrown the product.

Attractive for Generations to Come

One of the nicest things about wooden toys, such as those that keep children entertained and busy through a host of activities, is that they have an unmistakable heirloom appeal, especially if they have an antique or a classic look to them.

Worry not about the paint fading and the surfaces getting scratched over time because it will only make the product look even more charming.

Since wooden toys never go out of style, no matter how old they get, many generations can enjoy them. Besides looking great in the nursery or elsewhere in the home, they also make excellent keepsakes, just like a baby’s first booties or rattle. Once your child is already a parent, his or her favorite wooden toy can be enjoyed by your grandchild.

Friendly to the Environment

Do you love the planet as much as you love your baby? Then make sure that your child’s toys are all made of wood instead of plastic or metal.

One of the reasons for such is that wooden toys are biodegradable and recyclable, too. Many of them are also out of sustainable wood, so it is a great idea to support the products of toy manufacturers that care for the environment.

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