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Posted on Oct 24, 2018 in Blog, Entertainment | 0 comments

Asking for a friend – what men actually do on stag do

Asking for a friend – what men actually do on stag do

Once upon a time, a groom-to-be got hitched by his fairy godfather friends and they took him on a stag journey he will most definitely forget. Well, those times are definitely over. And good riddance! Nowadays, these bachelor events are less about getting insensibly drunk with a paid escort service on the side and more about getting involved in all sorts of bonding activities.

Stag is losing its traditional variety and turning into a full-blown holiday. You will see groups of guys (and gals for that matter) checking out all sorts of European cities just to escape the now-mundane customs that once enveloped these pre-matrimonial celebrations. A stag night has become a weekend, and sometimes even a whole week of clean tourism fun.

And the cities? If you need ideas just search your good old online world for stag do destinations like Madrid, Bucharest, Budapest, Hamburg, Riga, Belgrade, Prague or Krakow to name a few. The old continent is packing with vibrant and exciting places for those who want to experience their bachelor days like a king before tying the knot.

Of course, celebrating overseas may bring some issues, such as not bothering to travel in some faraway land or not having enough money to pay to go abroad even though the idea seems awesome. Well, fortunately, most of these aforementioned cities are cheaper than your average “1st world countries” without the dip in quality of entertainment and leisure whatsoever. In fact, you will be surprised just how much the rest of Europe rocks! Plus, the cheaper it is, the more inclusive the experience.

Guys, too, want something memorable and heading overseas can definitely create these sentiments whereas the stag dos at home aren’t really that unique. It is all up to your imagination to personalize that experience, isn’t it? And men don’t indulge those old-school stereotypes anymore, like drink a ton of beer and watch sports in a vortex of noise and testosterone. They have started to incorporate all sort of dynamic activities to spruce up the flow of fun, including paintballing, go-karting, surfing, sharpshooting, and, of course, traveling – lots of it!

These activities are all great for team bonding, especially given that stag dos can bring together people of different walks of life and parts of the world. Even just wandering from one attraction to another can spark up humor and all sorts of conversations. Being “lost” in this unknown place, in a faraway country, which is brimming with excitement and welcoming you with open arms, is a great way to rediscover that Magellan’s spirit and connect with people.

Word of advice – don’t have a person in your stag crew who is a designated driver. Opt for public or professional transport instead at all costs. Claiming that he will not drink during such a holiday is a vow no one can commit to because, hey, no stag do is complete without getting series of drinks to toast to. Plus, there are other ways to be unfit to drive so better leave that responsibility to someone else so that your plans won’t go awry all of a sudden.

Another thing to look out for is shared rooms. This can be an issue because the older stag weekenders get, the more they will need to sleep/eat to refill their batteries and the more responsibly they behave than their younger counterparts. There are unlimited quality hotels you can find in Europe, which won’t wreak havoc on your wallet, so unless you are adamant you need a bunk buddy to share your dreams and nightmares to, treat yourselves with single rooms. Hostels are all fine and dandy but sometimes class is the way to go if you want to remember things in a positive light.

In conclusion…

Best of all, the days when a fella gets stripped and left naked while tied to a lamppost are long gone. Sure, this type of celebration is all about unbridled fun and letting loose but that shouldn’t stop you from being decent at least to people who are providing you with such experiences. There are tons of other ways to have front row seats for pure unadulterated entertainment other than getting wasted in the name of love.

Who knows, maybe you can even break all the rules and create a joint affair with the hens. Rules are meant to be broken anyway so really – why not plan the whole trip together? If you come back home with incredible and a few outrageous stories to tell, consider your holiday a success. Bottom line is that you need a great tale to tell out of the whole experience so book those tickets and get cracking! The final chapter of your single life is not going to write itself.

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