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Wedding photographer London

It’s not an easy job being a wedding photographer. Every week hanging around people you know since a few weeks ago, hanging around people you don’t know at all – their invites, at places and times you have no control over them but making your daily schedule tight, with high expectations on your work’s results from everybody involved in the event. Even the restaurant and the catering guys would like their work being presented in a beautiful way when it gets into the pictures. The invites want you to catch them only in nice postures, not rugged or tired. Let’s not talk about the bride and the groom. She’s the princess in the happiest day of her life, he’s the prince in the most important day of his life. And that thing everybody should and I fully understand, that today’s brides don’t want their parents’ pictures but unique photos reflecting their personalities.

That is a real challenge: creating a unique story around your wedding, a story you and your loved ones, parents, relatives and friends will never forget. I’m dedicated to creating stunning pictures that will make you happy every time you see them, make your parents proud and your friends envious. I don’t only capture every moment of your wedding day events but create a story: Your Story.

My method consists in journalistic photography in an unobtrusiveness manner that results in lifestyle images, both stunning and natural. I don’t just capture moments, I fill them with fine art sensibility. I love natural light for my pictures but I am well-versed in many forms of artificial light as well. No matter the locations of your wedding events, you’ll get the most beautiful photos depicting the raw emotion of the moment, coupled with creative composition.

Beside this, you’ll get a full set of pictures showing off the clothes, the rings, as well as the wedding stationary. Its part of my job to preserve that memory for the clients. You’ll find it amazing to remember what kind of flowers you had in your wedding bouquet, for example, when you will look back onto it years to come. Your wedding photographs will be as precious to you in 30 years as they are today.

My wedding photography is based in the London – Surrey area but I am available for work all over the United Kingdom and also internationally. My passport is always current as lot of wedding destinations are abroad. No matter where your wedding is, I’ll be there to cover it.

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