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Posted on Nov 25, 2020 in Blog, Entertainment | 0 comments

Vlogging shapes the way we consume content in social media

Vlogging shapes the way we consume content in social media

Earlier, blogging was making news about how viewers were making a beeline towards content that they were interested in. Currently, things have changed dramatically as majority of viewers were glued to their smartphones for video watching and sharing on social media platforms. Blogging had become tedious for ordinary people and it was getting less entertaining too. Further, blogs seldom raised interest among non-readers and those that never went to school properly. Here, vlogging took the entire social media by storm as visuals were outperformers in all spheres.

Of course, you need to be informed while vlogging, but most videos shot and shown were so that it was much easier to understand with scenes relating to it appearing on your screen. People at once noticed this change and quickly responded to it as they would while watching TV. Even people in foreign countries could make out substance of a presentation just by watching a video than learning a new language.

Vlogging is Currently Big Business

Studies have shown that vlogging attracts more viewers on social media platforms than all other non-video content creations. Most internet users have an active vlogging account, too, that they view several times in a month. It makes vlogging a fantastic option for most marketers and businesses. With both viewers and commerce taking to vlogging in such a big way it is also quite sure that their influence on social media would be widespread and deeply rooted.

You have YouTube Videos, Facebook Videos, Instagram, Snapchat, Spotify, and TikTok and Live are a few that have taken the top spot as top performers. You also find businesses and brands going all out in making their presence felt with unique kinds of video engagements, chats, Influencer Marketing and so on.

Vlogging is currently running into billions of dollars and there is always steady rise year to year in this area. Vlogs inevitably offer one of the best opportunities for businesses and brands to make their presence before viewers so that they become buyers of products.

Videos Can Build Up Emotions for Better Sale

Most businesses take to video showing as part of their advertising efforts on social media and reap the benefits of the better sale of their products. Unlike written content, video content can help build up viewers’ emotions such that they become die-hard fans of a product or service. Vloggers may display narratives as part of a realistic drama that effectively and convincingly creates behavioral changes among viewers.

Some vloggers create a mix of contents, blogs and video shots and weave excellent stories for viewers. They quickly get a tremendous response, which galvanizes viewers to action, and if you have introduced some products too, they are sure to purchase the same. Few vloggers have millions of followers on one or more social media platforms. For those that are new to vlogging there are ways to get fast recognition and goodwill and this is to buy spotify followers or likes from other channels to boost conversion.

Another artful way to convince viewers is for businesses to sponsor established individual vloggers. It is better known as influencer marketing and it creates tons of fans for their products too.

Human Lives Revolve Around Social Media

Although there may be critics, it is quite right that millions of human lives revolve around social media platforms. It also means that businesses are sure to make the most out of it. Already, people consume food items, wear dresses, cook food, travel, decorate homes, and live stylish lifestyles, and stock up necessary and unnecessary items based on suggestions coming from social media platforms.

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