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Posted on Dec 18, 2020 in Blog, Science | 0 comments

Types of laboratory blood test and where to get them

Types of laboratory blood test and where to get them

When you are unwell or when you need to undergo treatment, the very first step to recovery is an accurate diagnosis by your physician. One way that readily helps and makes it easy for your doctor to get the right diagnosis is through a blood test. With it, the doctor will get a clear picture of whatever is wrong so that they will know how to proceed with treatment.

These tests are an important way of keeping track of your overall health and wellbeing. By taking them routinely, you can begin to know and understand how your body changes over time. This in turn will enable you to make the right decisions when it comes to your health.

What are Laboratory Blood Tests?

Blood tests are laboratory analysis that is performed on a sample of blood which has been extracted from the vein of an individual. They are used in health care for determining the biochemical and physiological states of the individual.

They also help to reveal the mineral content in the body, diseases that may be present, how an organ in the body is functioning and so on. They can also be used to detect drugs that may be present in a person’s body in the case of drug abuse.

Most tests are quick and painless. The extraction of blood from the body takes around a minute or so. This is done by the use of venipuncture which is a minimally invasive way of getting into the vein. A fingerstick may be done instead of a venipuncture if only a few drops are needed. This involves pricking the finger especially the index finger or the thumb. You can read further on this here.


There are different types of tests. The most important one for you will be based on the information that your healthcare provider needs to proceed with your treatment. Some of the most common types of tests are below.

Complete Blood Count

This test is used to measure the types, number, size as well as maturity of blood cells in some specific amount of sample. It is the most common kind of test that is performed. With it, one can know the number of red and white blood cells as well as platelets that are present in the body.

CBC as it is often called is used to determine the general status of a person’s health. It can as well be used to screen disorders and also help to analyze symptoms of fatigue, weakness, and so on. It is also useful in detecting health conditions like leukemia, malaria, anemia, or infections. You can learn more about it here

Basic Metabolic Panel

This is used to measure the number of minerals such as sodium, calcium, glucose, chloride, carbon dioxide, potassium, creatinine, etc. in the blood. This helps to know the level of blood sugar, the electrolytes that are present and the functioning of the kidney.

A basic metabolic panel also helps to reveal the effect of medications on the body. It can as well be used as a part of routine screening.

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

This test is a combination of the basic metabolic panel and six other tests. It provides a comprehensive analysis of the body’s metabolic functions. Its focus is on the organs.

Lipid Profile

This is used to measure the fat level and assess the cardiac risk in the body. This includes measuring the different cholesterol levels as well as triglyceride levels.

Blood Chemistry Study

This is a procedure that checks the blood for substances that have been released into it by the body organs and tissues. If a substance is either higher or lower than normal, it may indicate a sign of disease in the particular organ that produces the substance.

Prothrombin Time

This test can also be called PT or Pro Time. It is used to measure how long it will take the blood to coagulate. This is done by measuring the presence as well as activities of five blood-clotting elements. PT may be used to monitor medications that prevent clotting and also screen abnormalities in bleeding.

Where Can You Get A Test Done?

If you’re thinking to yourself, where can I get a laboratory test near me? There are various labs where you can get tested. Often times, you may need to be referred to the lab by your doctor as they would know the kind of test that they need.

Because these tests are important and the right results must be obtained, it is essential that you visit a reputable laboratory that you are sure to get efficient results.


A test helps to give your healthcare provider a good picture of where you stand when it comes to your health. With it, they will know the kind of treatment you need to undergo rather than just treating you blindly or based on assumptions.

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