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Posted on Apr 27, 2021 in Blog, People | 0 comments

5 tips for handling a D.W.I.

5 tips for handling a D.W.I.

Receiving a D.W.I. is not a fun situation to be in, you’re more than likely upset and panicking, trying to figure out what you should do next. With so many routes to take in this, these 5 tips for handling a D.W.I. we hope to provide some insight on the best things to do in this predicament.

What To Do: 5 Tips for Handling a D.W.I

  • Firstly, we ask that you do not panic, especially if this is your first DWI. You may also be wondering can I fight a DWI which is normal. Be sure to not act in any suspicious ways or make any quick movements. It’s best to keep your hands off of the wheel, unless needed to get your insurance or ID documents. Communicate with the officer what you are doing before proceeding as well.
  • Secondly, we ask that you do not admit to any fault. Whereas you will have to provide answers to questions such as; your insurance information, your name, things of that nature, you are allowed to remain silent for questions such as “How much did you drink tonight?”, as the constitution states. Refusing to answer such questions may lead to you being arrested, but it may be lighter than immediately incriminating yourself.
  • Thirdly, don’t take the breathalyzer test, at least before you are in the police station. Breathalizers are notorious for being unreliable, and it’s easier for a DUI attorney to argue it’s legitimacy rather than a blood test.
  • Fourth, after you’ve been released. You should write down every detail about your arrest. What you were doing, where you were coming from and why, how fast you were going, how much you actually had to drink, where, when and why you were pulled over, ect. This information can be extremely useful for an attorney or any proceedings that may occur, as it can act as a referencing tool that could help you in a situation in which something isn’t being accurately portrayed.
  • And lastly, lawyer up. You will need an experienced DWI or DUI attorney, as typically the laws and fines for these offenses are hefty and having one that is experienced can help lead to lesser penalties. Do extensive research on the best attorneys in your area, read their reviews and if they work for a law firm look into that as well. You want the best possible representation with these kinds of cases, spending more on the attorney now will help lower the costs of everything later.

In Conclusion

You are dealing with something serious, that has a lot of potential to go well or bad. Typically you will see that a lot of the mistakes made in this event lies within the first couple minutes, as well as choices made after. Understanding your rights, as well as the best moves to make, should help the most. With these 5 tips for handling your D.W.I, we hope we can help ease some burden in this stressful situation.

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