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Posted on May 27, 2018 in Blog, People | 0 comments

The Soap Guy

The Soap Guy

With the advent of digital marketing, the world has become heavily saturated with entrepreneurs in nearly every arena. The reason being that now a lot more people have an equal opportunity at making it big. The same level of infrastructure, start-up capital, geographical proximity, retail outlets, pre-existing inventory, physical presence and employee entourage is not required in a virtual business as opposed to a traditional business.

That being said, starting and self-sustaining your own business is still an insurmountable mountain due to the fact that competition is at an all time high. There is no more room to wiggle in and make space for your own venture, unless you know the right tricks.

The soap industry has been flourishing with many new players breaking onto the scene with more innovative products. However, we are not here to talk about that today. We want to direct your attention to something else.

There is this little company, called “The Soap Guy” which became prominent in the early 2000s, and is currently one of the leading natural soap wholesale manufacturers all across the USA. So, what’s so great about The Soap Guy? Why are we talking about some soap manufacturer? Surely there must be thousands of other companies who make better soap than this.

Well, the answer is fairly simple if you have seen Fight Club. You know, the David Fincher neo-noir masterpiece starring Edward Norton and Brad Pitt as the same dude; the great Tyler Durden. Yes, that one. There was a lot of harping on about soap in that movie and I am pretty sure not a lot of you will remember that plot thread, even though their main promotional poster featured a bar of soap.

Okay, we will save you the suspense, guys. Tyler Durden’s genius plan was stealing rich, creamy fat from a liposuction clinic and using that to manufacture the best organic handmade soap in California and Los Angeles. Of course they also used it to create nitroglycerin and dynamite, but we are not going to talk about that. Tyler would then go on to sell that soap to departmental stores at an outrageous price which was basically enough to fund his space monkey revolution.

Buying from The Soap Guy reminded us of that quality and made us wonder if Tyler Durden was actually the mind behind the enterprise. We knew their soap was handmade but we never guessed it was this good and frankly, we don’t even care if it’s made from human fat.

Nah, I am kidding. We are not savages!

Let us break it down and examine each product that was on offer and brought The Soap Guy reviews and more reviews, of course, positive, the majority of them.

The Soap Guy Bath Bombs

Definitely their pièce de résistance; a truly wonderful product, available in a wide variety of eclectic types and colors. You can pick whichever takes your fancy or you can select an assortment of various types.

Every season the company features new and novel bath bombs for sale, either selective or wholesale natural soap. The typical embedded notes include citrus with floral undertones combined with other exotic flavors.

Take “Crazy Love” for example. The brick red orb is gorgeous to look at and delivers a sugary essence of berries. Then you have something very different like the “Lavender mint” which douses lavender flowers with notes of peppermint.

All the pieces are unique which make them so appealing to a huge catalog of customers from all demographics.

Soap Loaves

If you prefer to do your own cutting of the soap, according to your own wishes, you may order the soap loaves, available at very affordable prices.

As always, they have exotic notes blended into each one to make it as unique and inviting for their customers. Take the Almond Coconut loaf for example. Roasted almonds with tropical coconuts? Only the soap guy can pull off something like this with perfection.

There is a wide variety for you to try but if you want our opinion, we have to suggest the Apple Rose Scrub: Exfoliated with Rose Petals for soothing fragrance, this green apple blend is gorgeous to smell and bathe in.

Luffa Soap

Great for exfoliating your skin and getting rid of the dead, dry skin, the Luffa or “Loofah” Soap Bars are an eye-catching item. A spiral of gorgeous colors that will make a valuable addition to your inventory, if you wish to sell them yourself.

The Soap Guy Lotions

Soap isn’t the only thing The Soap Guy has to offer. They array of body lotions are some of the very best you’ll come across which are, as expected, completely handmade. There is something very genuine and authentic about the quality of handmade products that cannot be rivaled even by the most expensive ones.

The body lotions have been given the same treatment as their soap bars, with unique notes sprinkled across the array, in varying quantities and layers. Cherry Vanilla, Cucumber Melon, Egyptian Musk, Honey Suckle, Lavender Patchouli and a whole lot more. Every one of these has something to surprise you, which will have you coming back for more.


The thing about The Soap Guy and their fascinating team of soap crafters, is that they keep none of their secrets to themselves.

There are a wide assortment for videos available on their page, that give comprehensive tutorials for each and every product on display and how to make it yourself at home. And why not, think of a small business of yours, homemade soap for sale on your local market, be it your neighborhood, town or group of friends and family. Or to give it as a gift, once in a while.

It’s striking, because, one would imagine this would put a dent in their business venture. Quite the opposite is true actually; business is booming and customers are lining the aisles for their handmade soap for sale more than ever.

So, if you’re interested in giving it a go with your own two hands, go check out some of their tutorials. There’s no guarantee you’ll do half as well as they do. Which is why they charge you for it, duh. If it was easy, everyone would do it.

But we are happy to pay the price. For the quality of the product we are getting, it is a meager price to pay indeed.


The primary ingredients are goat’s milk and Greek yoghurt that the company has been using since the beginning to craft their brilliant soaps. Their method is cold processed, meaning they use a hydraulic press rather than a centrifuge.

The Soap Guy ingredients for making the basic soap include: Olive Oil, Soybean Oil, Coconut Oil, Corn Oil, Sunflower Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Water and Lye. The bath bombs and the mineral powders have their own list of special ingredients listed on their page which you should definitely check out.

None of the materials required for the process are too fancy or complicated. Most are items like a blender, a weight machine and a few other bits and bobs, typically found in your home.


They do not charge an outrageous amount for shipping their product which is commendable. No cheap tricks with this trusted company, No. These fellows are above that sort of thing.

And for any bulk order over $80, they throw in shipping for free. Which is even more commendable.

Custom Labels

Now, here’s the golden ticket for aspiring business owners who wish to sell The Soap Guy’s products as their own. The company offers the chance to design and place a custom label on the products they sell wholesale soap to a particular customer.

The private label is unique and can feature the name of your own company. You will be able to sell the soap as you please, starting from anywhere you like.

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