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Posted on Mar 8, 2015 in Blog, Design | 0 comments

The Silo House

The Silo House

The human mind always amazed me. Especially when considered the creativity and the ability to turn ideas into reality. To convert old shapes and sizes into modern pieces of art, that kind people say wow when they see them. The today’s example is a house. A home for a young couple living in Arizona, USA. A couple being fortunate to meet an architect, Cristoph Kaiser, those ideas are brilliant. And who was able to convert a grain silo, yes, a real grain silo, into a house. It’s not a big house when you think of its built area, it’s just 230 square feet ~ 21,37 square meters on the ground but the usable area was efficiently put at work for its owners.

The modern finishes and the harmonious combined colors turned this silo into a cozy house, eco-friendly and practical. Take a look on the photos below and prepare to be amazed. I think it’s a best house to live in for a young couple without kids.

© photos Mark Lipczynski

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