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Posted on May 2, 2015 in Blog, Design | 0 comments

Tea now

Tea now

Here’s an interesting teaspoon I just discovered some minutes ago and liked it. It’s not just an ordinary teaspoon as it’s a hand stamped vintage teaspoon. In fact there are a lot of models, a lot of texts stamped, this one drew my attention more than the others. Here are some examples, starting with this one: “Tea now… gin later“, “Cake because it’s somebody’s birthday somewhere“, “Let them eat cake“, “Make tea not war“, “Happiness is homemade” or “Today you will drink tea and have a wonderful day“. Plus many more. Its creator calls herself Goozeberry Hill and you can find her on Etsy. She seems to make a living out of these teaspoons she makes at home and delivers from Swansea, United Kingdom. And it seems people like her products, she has close to 900 reviews on her page on Etsy. Meaning a lot more saw her teaspoons and bought them. And here are the materials Goozeberry uses to make them: spoons, of course, stamps, flat ware, table ware, silverware and a hammer. If you’re interested, prices vary from $14.77 to $15.16. She offers her clients the possibility to indicate the text they want stamped so they are also customized products, original, not only innovative if we can call vintage innovative. So if you’re looking for a nice present on a birthday, anniversary, wedding or any other special occasion, Goozeberry is there to customize a teaspoon for you.

Let’s have a short look into the teaspoon history: of course, smaller variations of tablespoon were created thousands of years ago but teaspoon got its widespread during 17th Century when tea-drinking was first introduced to England. There were only limited quantities of tea on the market, consequently the teaspoons were smaller than today. When tea was imported in bigger quantities leading to the declining of the price of tea, the size of teacups and teaspoons increased. By 1730 the size of the teaspoon reached one third of a table spoon. There is also an official teaspoon size equal to 1 fluid dram or a quarter of a tablespoon but its use is quite limited these days. In fact I guess only a few nostagic people still use this measure.

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