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Posted on Jan 16, 2019 in Blog, People | 0 comments

Skincare routine + makeup during winter

Skincare routine + makeup during winter

Current winter season can mess up our skin so much, which is why it is really important to keep it hydrated. Are you struggling on a daily basis with flaky and dry skin and when applying foundation? Well, I will help you achieve glowy skin, and I will make sure your eyeshadow doesn’t come off during the day! If you want to enjoy your long-lasting solution just keep on reading.

1. Moisturizer

Never sleep on your moisturizer. It is an essential item if you want to achieve hydrated skin, and everyone no matter their skin type should use it. Apply a generous amount each morning after cleansing your face and let the product sink into your pores. You can speed up the process by turning on hot water while at the bathroom. This little trick will push the product even deeper into your skin, which means more hydration.

cream hand skincare

2. Primer

Women with excessive oils should use mattifying primers that have a velvety texture. Women with dry skin should stick to something hydrating and with a subtle glow. Rub the product into your skin and let it sink for a while. After it does it will hold your foundation a lot better and for hours to come.

3. A Lot Of Creams

Choose cream foundations or anything that is liquidy. Stay away from stick or matte foundations since these tend to dry down too rough and patchy. You can apply your favorite BB or CC cream as well, just make sure your skin can breathe underneath that product. Even though satin creams leave a bit less coverage, it is still better than full coverage creasing solutions.

4. Cream Blush, Bronzer & Highlighter

Continue with this cream theme and apply your favorite cream face products. You can use a cream blush, cream bronzer, or even a cream highlighter on your entire face. These need to be blended with slow tapping motions and once done they will leave your skin looking hydrated and radiant, while not feeling too heavy.

5. Face Spray

Make sure you always have a face spray with you. It can be any kind, such as a hydrating mist, or any finishing spray. You can purchase a mini version and carry this item with you wherever you go and reach for it to regain some moisture. Women who love that wet look will benefit the most from these sprays. You can apply this over your foundation in order to blend it in easily, or you can set your powders with it.

6. Low On Powder

Speaking of powders, you should use only a smaller amount if you really need it. Women who have oily skin can use it and set their entire face, or only their T-zone. Apply the product in thinner layers and gradually build it up. Use a rounded powder blush and press down the product wherever you feel like it, or where your skin is the oiliest. Make sure it sits and sets in your pores, and don’t forget to wipe away any excess.

7. Minimal Eyeshadow

Work with some high-quality eyeshadows since poor made ones could fall off and smudge easily. Build the color by packing it on with blending and flat synthetic brushes. The best options are matte shades because they are long-wearing, unlike shimmers. Make sure you apply your shadows with clean brushes always and have at least 3 brushes to work with.

eyelash extensions

8. Eyelashes

If you want longevity you might not get it with a mascara. In fact, it can smudge, move, or even smear. Also, women who have short lashes won’t benefit from any mascara at all. So, if you want to enjoy luscious and feminine lashes, make sure you turn to eyelash extensions. These will last you for 3 weeks once you get them done, and they won’t move around even when exposed to low heat. You can have them on for a few weeks and they can be customized per your eye shape and your personal preference.

9. Eyebrows

Just make sure you groom your brows and pluck them once a week. Once you do, use any tinted brow gel to comb them through and to set in place. This way they won’t smudge and will stay on for hours to come. This little tool is also quite inexpensive and will suit you no matter your brow count, or eyebrow color.

10. Lips

Add some extra moisture to your lips with the right chapstick. After your lips are prepped and hydrated you can go in with your favorite lip product. Some women prefer lipsticks, others love lip pencils and some liquid lipsticks. However, these can be too drying and a bit hard to pull off during low temperatures, especially if your lips are chapped at the moment.

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