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Posted on Nov 9, 2016 in Blog, Business | 0 comments

Why A Few Bad Reviews Won’t Ruin Your Business

Why A Few Bad Reviews Won’t Ruin Your Business

Some believe a few negative online reviews have the power to ruin an entire business – but according to Trustpilot, the leading review community for online shoppers, there’s just no truth to this. Negative online reviews should be looked at as an opportunity that allows businesses the ability to shine – giving them the chance to show transparency, address any issues, and make measurable, open improvements in a timely and appropriate manner.

As the majority of consumers (90%) say buying decisions are influenced by online reviews, Trustpilot has identified best practices for addressing and responding to these criticisms.

– Always apologize and never shame a critic for their opinion
– Face up to negative review and address customer concerns directly
– Keep the response positive, personal and professional
– Deal with the criticism quickly and openly
– Give the customer a forum for follow-up
– Once the situation is resolved, ask the customer to update their review

“More and more consumers are consulting online reviews before making a purchase online, so it’s more important than ever to adopt a transparent customer process that allows business to listen and respond to feedback,” said Fred Mather, General Manager of The Americas at Trustpilot. “By embracing online reviews – both good and bad, companies will able to build customer loyalty and advocacy online, ultimately leading to better revenue.”

Businesses that allow for online review and who take the time to respond to them, both good and bad, continue to see positive results, including:

– Increase in sales: displaying reviews creates customer confidence and increases conversion rates
– Boost in SEO: reviews provide unique, fresh and relevant user generated content while bringing the potential of thousands of new searchable keywords
– Stand out in organic search: adding reviews and a star rating to organic search results can improve click through rates by 30%

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