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Posted on Jan 29, 2017 in Blog, Gadgets | 0 comments

Analyse Your Sleep & Maximise Your Recovery With the REM-Fit Sleep 400 Smart Mattress

Analyse Your Sleep & Maximise Your Recovery With the REM-Fit Sleep 400 Smart Mattress

The REM-Fit Sleep 400 pioneering mattress system combines the innovative, state-of-the-art Rem-Fit Sleep Monitor and app (which acts as a personal sleep consultant) with a sophisticated hybrid mattress, giving the sleeper a perfectly designed base to enable intense sleep recovery and rejuvenation.

The mattress is engineered with 6 layers of comfort and support specially designed to; combat overheating with its deep layer of cool gel infused memory foam, facilitate recovery with its adaptive Mediflex secondary layer and provide perfectly balanced tension for all shapes and sizes with its individually pocketed interactive springs. All of this is encased in our exclusive Thermoregulating Re-Ax natural fibre cover for complete comfort and breathability.

This expertly designed mattress, coupled with our Sleep Monitor and app, gives the sleeper the power to identify their sleeping patterns, make informed changes to improve their sleep quality and track these changes in order to maximise recovery and enhance their daily performance. Unlike other brands, our sleep monitor is non-wearable meaning the sleeper does not have to tolerate wearing a wrist device whilst sleeping. Instead the monitor lies underneath the bedsheets and is powered by a long lasting battery, ensuring the user isn’t sleeping on a live wire.

Conveniently delivered in a box, the mattress comes with a 60 night sleep trial and any mattress returned under the trial are collected by and donated to the British Heart Foundation. The REM-Fit 400 system comes with a 10 year full replacement guarantee and is available to purchase on a 12 month interest free payment programme.

To accompany the Rem-Fit 400 system is a wearable wrist tracker device, which not only tracks the user’s day activity but can track sleep if the wearer chooses to. Quickly following the launch of the REM-Fit 400 will be the introduction of the ZEEQ smart pillow. A radical, new pillow proven to prevent snoring, stream personal music and monitor sleep even more comprehensively.

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