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Posted on Apr 5, 2022 in Blog | 0 comments

Questions to ask a paving company in Fairfield County

Questions to ask a paving company in Fairfield County

Paving, in construction, is a process where materials are carefully laid out to cover a surface. Asphalt, concrete, flagstone, bricks, tiles, and even wood are used in the process. The paving process is carried out on roads, walkways, patios, and driveways. Property owners in Connecticut are always looking for ways to enhance their exteriors or driveways, with gravel, cobblestone, small rocks, and pebbles being the most preferred materials. If you are searching for a paving company Fairfield County for any specific project, you must be sure to check a few details to help you get the results you want.

Are they aware of the paving rules in Fairfield County?

The Town of Fairfield in Connecticut has a set of rules and regulations that must be followed when altering the driveway or laying out a new one. If you need to change your driveway apron (the point where your driveway meets the street pavement), you must obtain a permit from the Engineering Department. The new apron must be laid out with the same materials as the previous one and should not exceed a width of 24 feet. Ask the company if it is aware of these rules and whether they can help you with the formalities related to the permit.

What paving services are available?

Paving is done for various areas, including basements, patios, garage floors, ramps, dumpster pads, driveways, and sidewalks. Go with a company that offers services in at least these areas and is mentioned clearly on their website.

When do they plan on doing it?

Certain seasons are more suited to paving than others, particularly those carried out with asphalt. In most Connecticut and Fairfield County, experienced pavers prefer doing this work during the springs (March to May) and summers (June to August). The reason behind this is the suitability of temperatures above 70 degrees Fahrenheit for hot mix asphalt and temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit for cold mix asphalt.

What materials will they use?

Before hiring them, you might ask the paving company what materials they would use for the layering. The material should be durable, practical, and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. However, if you want to achieve an old-school look for your driveway, nothing works better than rows of granite cobblestones.

You must find the right paving company in Fairfield County in Connecticut if you want the best results for your driveway or patio. Nothing feels better than a perfectly laid out surface with optimum functionality and aesthetics.

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