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Posted on Jan 8, 2019 in People | 0 comments

Pros and cons of moving in a short period of time

Pros and cons of moving in a short period of time

People have the option to choose their own moving schedules. Most people plan and prepare their move months before the moving day. While others, due to unexpected circumstances, are forced to relocate within a short amount of time. Whatever your situation is, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of moving in a short period. Let’s take a quick read on this article.


If you’re a first-timer, you might find it easier to move within a short period of time. Here are some advantages to consider from the get-go:

1. You’ll pack immediately

Moving will not be a complete and successful endeavor without packing. While it can be a challenging activity to do, you still have to pack up all your belongings before the moving day arrives. Even if you don’t have a background on packing your possessions, moving in a short time will give you the urge to do the task in an orderly manner. With a few more days before you move out, you’ll probably strive harder to conduct your own research, check for references online, and start packing your stuff immediately.

2. You’ll do all the tasks at one time

In most cases, people who are moving months away tend to procrastinate. However, if your relocation will happen within a short amount of time, you’ll feel the urgency to finish all your moving tasks at one time. Instead of working and resting at intervals, you’ll be more focused on accomplishing everything when you’re relocating last minute or within the shortest time possible.

3. You’ll not have a hard time disposing of a useless item

Moving gives you an opportunity to sort and dispose of items. You need to determine which ones can be junked, sold in a garage sale, or even donated. While this might be an easy thing to do, disposing of any of your old items can be tough especially if it has a sentimental value for you. Due to the memories, you had with an item, you might find it hard to let go of it even if it’s already useless. However, moving within a short time will not allow you to become emotional when it comes to any item. With a short time in your hands, you’ll probably just take a look at it and determine whether it can be used or not.


Now that you have the pros of relocating within a short period, it’s time to get the know some of its setbacks. Here are some of them:

1. You can’t freely choose your moving date

Ideally, preparing for a move should be done several months away. However, due to unforeseen and unexpected situations, you can’t always move at your own free time. An example of this is a job relocation offer. Due to your work circumstances, you might not have sufficient time to plan, prepare, and organize your move, leaving you with so much stress and anxiety.

2. The entire process becomes so stressful for you

Lack of adequate time to prepare for your relocation can really stress you out. Chances are you might not be able to create a moving checklist that will guide you throughout the transition. If you’re moving on your own, there’s a high possibility that you’ll leave important possessions behind. Moreover, looking for professional help can be more challenging than you least expect when moving in a short amount of time. Additionally, the worst scenario is that you’ll not even find any moving companies that are willing to handle your needs right away. Luckily, there are easy movers for hire who are always ready to accommodate your move any time you need it.

3. You might pay for higher costs

Having insufficient time to plan a move will not provide you with an excellent opportunity to look and book for moving companies within the area. Not only that but you’re probably not able to set aside a significant amount of money for your moving expenses. This can be one of the obvious disadvantages of relocating in a short period. The lesser the time you have, the higher your moving costs will be. Also, if you’re getting movers right away, get ready with your budget.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re moving in a short period or not, the process is undoubtedly daunting. Thus, you should always prepare yourself for any trouble that might come along your way. If you’re the kind of person who prefers a last-minute move, go ahead but consider the pros and cons of this subject. Learning about this will help you look for practical solutions to reduce the potential risks.
This article was written by Dianne Belencio-Abonita. Dianne has been writing blogs for quite some time now for Roadway Moving NYC. She is interested in a lot of things which makes it a joy for her to write about a different niche. But among all the niches, business and marketing are her favorite. When she’s not busy writing, Dianne spends her time with her husband Francis and daughter Francinne. This is where she draws inspiration from to continually provide informative blogs to the different audience.

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