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Posted on Jun 6, 2019 in Blog, Design | 0 comments

How to perform a pool cover repair?

How to perform a pool cover repair?

Murphy’s law can foretell that if a hole is to evolve in your pool cover, it will occur in the regretful time of year – wintertime!

Just like other pool equipment needs repair, same is the case with your pool covers. No matter which covers type it is, you need to maintain it for prolonged use and your comfort.

Do you frequently use pool cover for your outdoor or indoor swimming pool?

If yes,

Then, you cannot deny the fact that pool covers are exposed to the sun and pool chemicals repeatedly. So, you may experience wear and tear of the pool cover over a passage of time.

Worried about the maintenance of the pool cover? Don’t be.

Pool covers are cost-effective to provide repair at home with simple tools.

How Success Rate Of Repair Is Defined?

Pool cover’s repair is needed when it suffers tears, holes. Most damages can be repaired at home while some need professional help.

The success rate depends on certain factors like:

Pool Cover’s Age

  • From how long you have been using the same pool cover?
  • Were you given any kind of warranty when you purchased it from experts?
  • Is the pool cover still under the warranty period?

All the above questions count the frequency rate of pool cover repairs. A pool cover lasts for around 12 to 13 years if you maintain it regularly.

If your pool cover is deteriorating, a warranty doesn’t cover:

  • Negligence like ignoring cleanliness
  • Due to natural calamities such as flood, heavy rainfall, etc.

Do you find defects later in pool cover due to the faulty manufacturer? If so, then, immediately contact the dealer from where you purchased it and claim for warranty.

blue pool cover

Types of Repair Material For Pool Covers

The materials used for repairing plays a crucial role in the longevity of the pool.

If you are patching up a tear with sticky tape, then make sure it is water resistant such as polyethene tapes. If the damage is 8 inches long, then you can manage with proper waterproof sticky tapes.

Once the repair is done, wait until it dries completely. In the case of net pool covers, use nylon straps to stitch the tears. If the tear is huge then you can use a suitable mesh whose materials match with your pool cover.

Size Of Damage

To get the longevity of the pool, size of the damage matters. If the damage is 6 inch in length, then repair is done easily. Repairing can be impossible if the tear is too long and have a lot of punctures.

However, if your pool cover is in experts hands of COVERS in Play, you can take a sigh of relief for they have proven track of success.

Methods to Repair Pool Covers

How to Repair A Hole?

The kits like a vinyl patch and vinyl adhesive are available in the market.

To repair a hole, follow the instructions below:

  • Carefully remove the cover from the pool
  • Put it on the plain ground surface
  • The pool cover pool has been removed from the pool, so, dry the area where you want to apply the patch
  • Then, use vinyl adhesive to apply it around the hole on your pool cover
  • Now, deliberately press the vinyl patch over the area

How To Repair Pool Cover’s Discoloration?

There are very fewer chances to fix the discoloration problem.

If the discoloration has occurred due to exposure to the sun then you almost have nil chance to fix it.

However, if it is due to chemical residues, then follow the below-given repair method.

In the case of chemical residue or mild dew, try to follow the below-given method.

  • Add approximately 1 gallon of water in a tub
  • Mix 250ml of bleach into the water
  • Spread the pool cover flat in open ground
  • Rinse the cover into the aqueous solution
  • Let the natural phenomena to come to action and wait for the result

Do it yourself (DIY) patches

Another remedy that is purely transient is duct tape. Duct tape can help to counter damage happened in your mesh cover. This can aid in restricting the small hole or tear to extrapolate avoiding any further damage – at least until that vinyl kit you ordered comes into action!


As a pool owner, you can control it to a certain extent like washing the chemical sediments, dehydrating the pool covers whenever you think it’s viable.

Avoid having larger trees near the pool else you would have to counter frequent incidents of branches falling over it.

Things that are not in our control are the ‘Acts of God’ like continuous exposure to the sun, heavy snowfall, mild dew, storm, broken trees, etc. Maintain the hygiene and schedule a regular tree trimming to keep the pool cover in its best condition for prolonged use.

To get more information about the pool cover servicing, you can connect with Covers in Play at 905-589-3000 or draft an email at

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