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Posted on Mar 21, 2015 in Blog, Nature | 2 comments

Oldest sheep in the world

Oldest sheep in the world

Its name was Lucky, a 23-year-old ewe, the holder of the Guinness Book Of Records title. To realize why it’s worth mentioning you have to be aware that 23 years lifespan for a sheep is equivalent to 120 years in human terms. Unfortunately Lucky passed away in 2009 leaving the title for eventual challengers. And here we have one: it’s Dolly from Ditchling, a village and civil parish in the Lewes District of East Sussex, England.

Dolly is 23 years old right now and it looks like having a strong will to live some more time. She’s well treated by her owner, Sharon Moore, who adopted Dolly seven years ago, when the sheep was already 16. The former owner was a terminally ill lady who wasn’t able to take care of Dolly anymore so the animal moved to the Moore Racehorse Trust animal sanctuary, the farm opened by the Moore family.

You probably wonder what’s the Dolly’s diet. Nothing really special, it’s about a normal diet of sheep food consisting in hay and grass, plus apples, as Dolly loves apples. But it’s not the natural vitamins keeping Dolly alive but probably a strong will to live. She’s not the best fit sheep in the farm but she keeps on going. Mrs Moore tells about Dolly: “She looks really frail and she’s a bit unsteady on her feet but she’s still very strong. Year after year I think ‘This will be her last summer’ but she just keeps going.”

© photo Tony Kershaw


oldest sheep

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  1. If I could have sheep in suburbia, I’d go it. They are just too cute!

    • Maybe it’s time for you to move from suburbia to a place where you can build a small farm. Living with such animals and pets in a natural environment is really good, I experienced this while I was only a few years old, at my grandparents farm.

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