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Posted on Jul 2, 2015 in Blog, Design | 0 comments

Ny Rocking Chair

Ny Rocking Chair

You got to see this. And I hope you’ll be impressed as I was when I first saw it. Prepare for the chair! And yeah, it’s a chair. A simple one. Maybe too simple. And elegant. And light weight and simple again. I admit, I’m in love with this, I consider, a piece of art. For it’s not an ordinary chair. First of all, it’s folding. Meaning you can easily move it, store it in small and tight places. Secondly, it’s a rocking chair. Meaning fun, a lot of fun. No matter you’re a grandma or a grandpa, an adult, a teenager or a kid, you’ll love it too. Who wouldn’t?

Then it’s so handsome and simple. It has nothing complicated in it and if it feels like holding some far-east influences you got to know you’re totally right. The designer of this rocking chair is a Japanese named Takeshi Nii. Let me tell you the year he designed this chair: 1958! Unbelievable, right? And it’s still cutting edge design, more then fifty years later. This is not just precious, it’s brilliant. Speaking of brilliant, the price is also cutting edge: you’ll find it at various prices ranging from $450 to $720 in online and street shops.

If it’s too expensive to afford it, you can still see it, it’s part of the permanent collection at MoMa where it’s been exhibited since 1970, featuring numerous design awards.

Let’s not forget, the Ny from the product name comes from the Nii family name. You might also think there is no connection though ny also means “new” or “fresh” in the Danish language. And Takeshi Nii had once the opportunity to see some quality chairs made in Denmark while he was working on improving the functionality of the chairs he designed. Tradition was important in the designer’s family and he developed a passion for chairs when he saw a director’s chair in a magazine years before World War II. So this one is not the only model he designed but one of the numerous variants also awarded during the years.

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