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Posted on Jul 23, 2015 in Blog, People | 0 comments

Longest Loom Band Bracelet

Longest Loom Band Bracelet

It will definitely take a long, long time for anybody to make a longer Loom Band than the one created by Skye and Jesse Hall along with thousands of other kids. Let me surprise you with the length of this Loom Band Bracelet: 12,529.40 meters, 8.5 times longer than the previous record title holder at 1,473.90 meters. A good opportunity for the Guiness Book of Records officials to make a new entry in the well-known book. Jesse, three years old, completed this challenge on behalf of his five year old brother Skye, who passed away less than a year ago because of the side effects of the medical treatment of the medulloblastoma, a very aggressive and cancerous brain tumor.

It was Skye who started the ‘Loom to the Moon’ fundraising campaign after becoming inspired by his favorite past time whilst sitting in the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber in the hospital. Unfortunately Skye passed away but his younger brother Jesse took the challenge to the next level. Their wish to make a loom band long enough to reach the moon came to a close with this record breaking length, Jesse completed in the memory of his brother with the help of thousands of other kids.

The loom is exhibited temporarily at Abingdon Business Park, in Oxford, so anybody can see it. A few words about the campaign, it was also successful, the Blue Skye Thinking, the charity named after Skye, raised a bit more than £200,000. The money will be used to support medical research into childhood brain tumors.

Skye and Jesse’s Mum, Sally, told the press the story of this extraordinary achievement: it was Skye’s idea to create a loom band long enough to reach the Moon. Of course, he couldn’t done it by himself. He started this campaign and children from across the world sent in their loom bands to help Skye in his attempt. Children including ones suffering of cancer. The Halls brothers received thousands of loom bands they joined into this every day increasing bracelet. After Skye died, Jesse continued the work on behalf of his brother and finally reached this impressive length. We wish Skye was here to see it happen. We lived this struggle of Skye and we know there are so many parents with children currently undergoing cancer treatment right now. This giant chain contains the looms of those children that the money the campaign has raised will be benefiting.

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