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Posted on Jul 6, 2015 in Blog, Nature | 1 comment

Lightning Strikes Over Cinderella’s Castle

Lightning Strikes Over Cinderella’s Castle

It must have been long after the closing hours at Disneyworld in Orlando when a thunderstorm surrounded the Cinderella’s Castle in the Magic Kingdom. Dark forces decided to frighten Walt Disney’s characters leaving them no time to rest until the returning of the visitors the next day. But, the dark forces didn’t know, there was an eye witness, Zack Provost, to capture their assault on tape. Zack uploaded the movie on YouTube and so we have to possibility to see again and again the stress over the Cinderella’s Castle. No ghosts appeared during the shooting so Zack apparently did well during the thunderstorm.

It’s only a few seconds of shooting but the video is freaking out. The castle is enlighten from two sides. First of all from the ground with the special lights meant to keep it alive during the night, secondly from the sky with the help of the huge lightning strike that occurred just above the castle to light up the night sky and the castle.

The purple sky is amazing, isn’t it? And frightening at the same time. I wouldn’t like to be there during the storm. I guess Zack is just an employee in the night shift with visitors long gone to their homes or hotel rooms. Maybe better, I guess the panic would get the crowd during such a terrific display of the nature’s forces. Only a few seconds but spectacular. Like it a lot while viewing it from the other side of the camera lens, on the laptop monitor.

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1 Comment

  1. I really wanted to see the Youtube Video! It says that the video doesn’t exist 🙁

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