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Posted on Mar 9, 2015 in Blog, People | 0 comments

If you want an answer, finish the question

If you want an answer, finish the question

Remember Bugsy Siegel and Virginia Hill? I just did. A friend of mine just came in with the idea of spending an hour and something watching the Bugsy movie. Classic movie, you could say. And yes, I agree. But when did I, or you, last see a classic movie? So we jumped in. Well, one scene remained in my eyes and I wanted to share with you. It’s the scene with Bugsy and Virginia lighting a cigarette, a scene so important in the process of establishing the roles of the two in the story. It was when Virginia met Bugsy, stopping to light her cigarette seemingly careless to Bugsy. He falls into her trap and gets his lighter asking her:

Bugsy: May I?
Virginia: If you want an answer, finish the question.
Bugsy: Light your cigarette?
Virginia: – Sure.
{After lightning her cigarette, she continues:}
Virginia: – I thought you were going to ask me something a little more exciting.
Bugsy: – Like what?
Virginia: – Use your imagination.
Bugsy: – I’m using it.
Virginia: – Let me know when you’re finished.

It’s one of the scenes I like most for it’s simply about taking control over the moment, discussion and person in front of you. It’s so easy to replicate it into the real life: she stops, makes a move, the man gets trapped and reacts. In this case for lightning a simple cigarette. He asks for permission but she enforces her position letting him know he should ask the full question for a definite yes or no answer from her. The trap gets bigger as she annoys him on his weakness, not being able to take over her in any other way, while he realizes she’s got him. He tries to get back the control over the situation with the Like what question, but she answers brilliantly. Not once, but twice. Man defeated.

Asking questions is an art. Those who excel are good negotiators. In fact, let’s admit, the best questions are those ones your companions expect from you, without realizing it. When some people are asked such a question, they tend to answer on the subject, letting you in the position to define and to know their interests and needs. It’s so simple and effective for it brings knowledge and we all know, knowledge is power.

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