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Posted on May 19, 2018 in Blog, Entertainment | 0 comments

How to watch blocked YouTube videos

How to watch blocked YouTube videos

More or less every one of us listens to music, watches series or dramas or several other entertainment oriented videos on YouTube and we all must have stumbled upon the message where our desired video cannot be played because of one or the other reason. Some such restrictions are from the record companies on geographical and copyright grounds for some countries and sometimes videos are restricted in an entire region and could be viewed by specific countries, only.

YouTube not available in your country

If you happen to be in a country where you do not get access to many such videos and are much familiar with this message “The uploader has not made this video available in your country” or “Unfortunately this video is not available in your country” or “Unfortunately this video is not available in your country because it could contain music, for which we could not agree on conditions of use with {company}” or “This video contains content from {company} who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds” then the following solutions by several online research results will help you get rid of the problem of restricted and blocked videos on YouTube.

I will share several guidelines for you which I have acquired after a thorough online research and then will summarize things for your convenience.

How to watch YouTube videos blocked in your country

Option 1

The shortest and the easiest trick to view your favorite blocked video, that I have found, asks you to make a tiniest change in the URL of the blocked video and that alone can resolve your problem of limited access, no matther is on copyright grounds or on geographical / region grounds. The change that you must make for it is as under:

  • In your URL of blocked video, you must see a word “watch?v=” right after
  • Change that with “v/” and remove ‘watch?’ from it.
  • By doing this, your video will play automatically.

It doesn’t always work so this solution itself might be somehow related to how the system works in different geographies.

Option 2

At second, I will share the guideline which is most widely used as it has an easy measure elaborated by Gen YouTube itself, so its users can enjoy their links without interruption. For this, all you have to do is to alter the original YouTube URL with the Gen YouTube URL as follows and it will open all sorts of videos:

Let me know in the comments if it works for your, it works on my end.

Option 3

Another site offers you a change in the extension and then promises that the problem will resolve completely. Using their method, you will be able to see all kinds of blocked or inaccessible videos both on your mobile and even on your PC. Just follow the process step by step:

  • Firstly, open your web browser and go to its settings on the top right side.
  • In the Settings, open Extension which will be at the end of the menu.
  • Now search for an extension named Zen Mate which is a VPN extension and install it in your browser.
  • Once you have installed, look for its icon in your browser at the top of the page.
  • Next time when you come across messages of unavailable video just press that Zen Mate icon.
  • It will ask you, your location which you can change alternately and your video will be opened in no time.

Option 4

As per my online research, this site is pretty much on the point and they claim that it’s all about the software and proxy settings due to which you can’t access some video. They say that your IP is being monitored and that’s why some videos are restricted for viewership in your particular piece of land. They also offer you a solution, through few measures that are to be followed which are as mentioned below:

  • Open your desirable video, which you can’t seem to view.
  • Look for the URL of this video and copy it.
  • Now open in your browser.
  • Paste your copied link over here in the search bar and press “Search”.
  • You will have a pop up of another video offering you the information regarding the video.
  • And here your video will play by itself.

Option 5

You might see this option as a crazy one but it might work in your region. You just have to change your location ID to be the one where that video may be allowed and rest will be solved automatically. For instance you can change your proxy using no other than Google Translate with the below mentioned steps to be followed:
1. At first open the Google Translate at
2. Paste your YouTube video link in the left box
3. Select your particular language
4. Now open the translated link given in the box (mostly at the right)
5. You can now access the restricted video and enjoy.

This works simply because Google Translate has this feature implemented offering you the chance to translate entire webpages once you provide the URLs.

Neat, isn’t it?

Option 6

Basically all you need is a change in the proxy and you can access all the videos in the world.

A change in basic online proxy

This seems to be the best way as your general configuration doesn’t get disturbed. You may face a problem if you carry on with the same change and access other websites like Netflix or HBO but as for your YouTube video is concerned, you will be able to access it in no time. Just change the proxy from the site VPN BOOK and choose a country where video may be granted an access. Then enter your link and enjoy.

A change in specialized proxies

The major issue that you face when you change the proxy or use site hide option is that you may be granted an access on YouTube but the other audio visual platforms do not work on the same proxy. So to cater to this, you have to use specific and exclusive tools that not only change your proxy setting but entirely alter your DNS to project your presence in a different country altogether for all sites.

Summary/ Final Word

I believe all these guidelines to unblock a YouTube video revolve around the following basic 3 methods:

  • New added Extension in your browser
  • Change in Proxy setting (basic or specialized)
  • Change in VPN

There are also some hacks and tricks like the use of Google Translate and Gen YouTube or a change of word in the URL itself, but I would like to summarize these guidelines by few of my own construed measures that I believe will work, positively.

I believe the following 3 methods can help you attain your goal.

Method 1: Download the video

  • First, go to YouTube and open the webpage of the video you want to view. When you can’t access it and get the message on the video that this video isn’t available in your country, try and locate the country information on the page and change it. Don’t forget to refresh the page.
  • Select and copy the URL of the page that appears in your web browser.
  • In your browser, open one of the numerous websites that allow downloading video from the Internet, some of them promote themselves as YouTube downloaders so they shouldn’t be difficult to spot.
  • If needed, change the language of that site, if it’s not comprehendible, to English by switching the flag in top right corner of the browser.
  • Now paste the YouTube video’s link in the URL field and search or let him find the webpage.
  • Another field in that form will allow you to choose the format of the file you want to have downloaded, from where you have to choose the option of MP4.
  • After setting the quality of the video, press Convert.
  • The software on that website will upload the YouTube video, then it will convert the video in MP4 downloadable format, which you can easily download and enjoy to your heart’s content.

This method should work most of the times.

Method 2: Proxy Free

When nothing helps, try proxy free website and that might resolve all problems of access as it gives you the privacy you need about your IP address. For instance: on proxy sites, your IP and location is observed and that’s why You Tube can also block few videos in your particular country. But if you are using a private method of proxy free website then you can choose the country you want and that might give you unlimited access.

  • Open and copy the link of the video blocked in your country.
  • Then open
  • Paste your copied link in this site.
  • After this you have to change the IP location on this proxy free site, to US or UK, etc.
  • Now just click the blue button saying ‘PROXFREE’.
  • It might take a few seconds to find your video but eventually it will be opened and you can enjoy it freely.

Note: If your video still doesn’t open, then try re-changing the country from IP dropdown menu, as the video you wish to view may also be blocked in the country that you have selected.

Method 3: Using a VPN

  • VPN means Virtual Private Network and using VPN means that you can hide your IP and rather dress it with another IP Address where access to particular video is allowed. This may not work, if your entire region is blocked but otherwise it mostly works well.
  • If you stumble upon a lot of such videos which you can’t view then you can also look for a subscription of a new VPN which allows you to alter your region too.
  • Once you have gotten a new VPN, you have to find your new IP Address.
  • Refresh your page every time you change your region to a different one, and it will work for your access.

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