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Posted on Dec 31, 2019 in Blog, Business | 0 comments

3 ways to repel the rats from your office

3 ways to repel the rats from your office

Rats, like most pests, create an unhealthy office environment and hinder the productivity of the employees. They are responsible for causing a number of fatal diseases. Apart from this, it is also dangerous to have rats running around your office as they cause plenty of structural damage. Rats tend to linger in narrow spaces and disrupt the plumbing by chewing through pipes. Rats are also the cause of many building fires as they chew through cables and wiring.

Having rats run around the office could also cause unease to the employees and hinder their performance. Here are a few ways you could get rid of rats from your office.

Bait and Traps

Bait and traps have been implemented for many centuries in order to battle rats. They have survived the test of time because they serve as effective ways of getting rid of rats. Baits and traps could be used individually or together. Traps, you need to know which trap you need. Many people tend to get mouse traps while trying to catch rats. This is a big mistake since mouse traps are too small for rats. Be sure to buy traps that are specifically designed to handle rats. Using baits is another way to deal with rats. Rats primarily raid for food, therefore, they are likely to fall for the bait. However, be sure to find the body of the diseased rat and dispose of it well, else your office will begin to stink.

Using baits and traps together is the best way to combat rat infestation as they compliment each other. A pro tip to using this treatment efficiently is to lay a lot of traps and baits around the office. This is because, rats, however glutinous, will be cautious when they approach something which is new to their knowledge and environment. Having many of the same will normalize it in their minds.

Pesticides and Rodenticides

Synthetic or natural pesticides and rodenticides are one other way to treat a rat infestation. When using pesticides and rodenticides you need to look for a treatment that is a rodent repellent. If you are new to treating using pesticides or rodenticides, look for products that are eco-friendly.

Synthetic rodenticides use chemicals that are harmful to rats. Laying these around would deter rats due to their smell or kill them if they come in contact with the chemical. They have a 99% chance of working, however, they are not safe for the people in the office as they are made up of chemicals that release toxic fumes.

Natural rodenticides are based around essential oils from plants that have rat repelling properties and are the best solutions to rat problems at your office. These natural rodenticides are eco-friendly and have minimal to no side effects.

Natural Rat Granules

Using rat granules is a modern strategy to combat rats. Naturally derived rat granules are eco-friendly and made up using essential oils derived from plants, thus, they can be used anywhere including indoors, plant pots, or outside. The Pesto Rat Granules by MDX Concepts do not release any harmful fumes, therefore, they are perfectly safe to be used indoors.

Rats multiply rapidly. What’s bad one day could turn out to be a lot worse the following day. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you feel outnumbered or overwhelmed, be sure to contact your local pest control services. They will certainly help you in getting rid of your rat infestation. Be sure to follow up with rat repellents as rats often tend to revisit.

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