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Posted on Mar 19, 2020 in Blog, People | 0 comments

How long do mommy makeover results last?

How long do mommy makeover results last?

You have decided to make your consultation for a mommy makeover. You have discussed with your significant other about completing your family and being ready to move into a new phase of your life with regards to your physical appearance.

You have already done the prerequisite work of eating clean, exercising, making sure to stay hydrated, getting enough rest, etc. You have achieved the correct weight for your age, height, and overall body structure. You have done your due diligence in researching board-certified plastic surgeons to perform your procedures.

Having a mommy makeover is something that you have considered for quite some time. Now that your children are of an age that you are more comfortable and freer to undergo such a procedure, you can now focus more clearly on this intention. Perhaps you are child-free, but you are at that place in your life where you are feeling the need to refresh your physical appearance. You are not looking to go back to your 20-year-old self; however, you are looking to beautify and level up your grown woman self.

Mommy makeovers have become increasingly popular for women who are desiring to achieve the youthful figure they had before having children. For women who have not had children, perhaps they want to achieve a more youthful physique due to getting back into the work environment, the dating scene, or just because they want to do it.

For many women, a mommy makeover is a way of remaining competitive. This is the woman who does not want to fade into the woodwork just because she has had children, or she has passed a certain age. Society tends to view mothers as not being fun or youthful. It is as if the world suddenly sees a woman who is a mother as just a boring, sandwich-making, chauffeur who exists only to serve the needs of others.

For women who are child-free, but have “aged out”, as some say, this woman is put into the category of women who have zero sex-appeal, are not interested in men, and not interested in men showing any interest in her. This woman is just seen as old. She is often treated as if she doesn’t even exist, or even worse, as if she has no right to even still be in existence. How dare she still be here past her so-called prime years. To be clear, women are past their prime starting at age 30.

A woman’s usefulness is tied to her youth, beauty, and fertility. According to society, a woman is in her “prime years” between the ages of 18 to 29. After that, well, it is all downhill from there. So, please be clear on this point: a woman’s youth and beauty are tied to her fertility. A fertile woman is a woman who can become pregnant. Pregnancy has a profound effect on a woman’s physical appearance. Ironically, society praises a woman’s body for its ability to carry and give life, while on the other hand criticizing a woman’s body for its ability to carry and give life.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why a woman may be seeking a mommy makeover. Whatever her reason or reasons maybe, if she is happy to proceed with it, and her plastic surgeon has deemed her to be an acceptable candidate for the procedures, she should do it.

What Procedures Are Performed During A Mommy Makeover?

There are a few procedures that are typical when having a mommy makeover procedure. These include a breast lift, tummy tuck, and liposuction. However, a woman can discuss with her plastic surgeon about customizing her procedures to get the results that she desires.

Tummy Tuck

Most women want to have the beautiful, slender waistline that they had when they were younger. A tummy tuck is often one of the first procedures a woman will discuss with her plastic surgeon. It is very important to be at your ideal weight for all mommy makeover procedures, however, the closer you are to your correct weight, the easier this procedure will be for your surgeon to perform, and for you to recover. With a tummy tuck procedure, if you maintain your weight, you may very well enjoy lifetime results.


Liposuction removes fat and contours areas of the body that a woman would like to slim and shape. Sometimes diet and exercise are not effective in getting rid of fat deposits that can happen on the arms, thighs, abdomen, etc. Liposuction eliminates fatty deposits and contours those areas to a more youthful, slender, and toned appearance. As with a tummy tuck procedure, the results of liposuction have the potential to be lifelong provided you maintain a stable, healthy weight.

Breast Lift or Augmentation

As stated, pregnancy can take quite a toll on a woman’s physique. The same is true with aging. Both can cause the breasts to sag. The degree of sagging is dependent upon the size of the breasts. When you meet with your plastic surgeon, he or she will discuss with you tailoring the procedure so that you are left with a beautiful, uplifting result that may last up to a decade. The nature of a breast lift/augmentation could potentially require you to have the procedure revised, especially if implants have been placed.

At Aesthetic Surgery Center, our physicians and staff are highly-trained and knowledgeable about plastic surgery and mommy makeovers. We will discuss and examine your areas of concern. From there, we will customize a plan that is safe for you and that will provide you with the beautiful, youthful aesthetic that you deserve.

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