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Posted on Jun 6, 2019 in Entertainment | 0 comments

How lighting influences musical enjoyment

How lighting influences musical enjoyment

Emotion is a vital key to music. If you can move your audience, bring them to tears, and make them jump and dance like there’s no tomorrow, then you have achieved one of the biggest reasons why you stood and sang on that stage at the first place. That kind of effect on the audience is influenced by several factors.

Music, of course, is the most important factor. But the quality of stage production and stage lighting also has a very strong contributing effect. Below are some of the reasons why you should sync your stage lighting to the emotional highs and lows of your live performance.

Setting the Mood

In a performance, setting the mood through lighting is sometimes neglected, especially in small stages. However, a good concert organizer will go over the list of performing artists and check their music styles. Then they prepare a different stage lighting for each artist. Certain colors reflect a certain emotion, so you can use that to elicit a reaction from the audience during the live show.

Activating the Senses

Your senses are heightened when affected by exciting stimuli. As a stimulus, lighting can be very persuasive. In DJ shows, for example, great stage lighting can bring people to move, jump, scream, and throw their hands up in the air. A rock show can use stage lighting to help get the audience get pumped up. Most of the time, rock-concert goers still have that heightened, pumped-up energy hours after the show.

Bringing People Together

Most of the time, you will enjoy a concert or show better if there’s a common experience with the rest of the audience. Great lighting can be that common experience. When timed perfectly to the song’s climax, lighting can make the show a memorable moment for the audience. It can work on all genres and all types of shows, whether it’s an EDM stage, a rock stage, or an acoustic stage.

Swaying together with the rest of the concert goers to the beat of the music and the flicker of stage lights will make the fans feel like they’re really bonding not just with the artist but with their fellow fans as well, and that is a fantastic experience.

Giving the Audience a Spectacular Finale

Live shows and concerts have a way of gradually giving a better production to the audience as the songs or sets progress, leading to a grand ending. That’s why large shows demand a huge effort from the organizers to leave the audience with a great impression. And where else can you do that if not in the finale?

Spotlights, preprogrammed and colorful lights, sparklers, and fireworks – now that looks like a grand finale. This will bring out amazing emotions that the audience can even take home and continue to feel days afterward.

Stage lighting is just one element of a stage production, yes. But it is one of the essential factors in affecting the mood of the audience. You can’t take it lightly. You can’t just allot a single spotlight for a concert and then call it a day.

Stage lighting needs to be in the planning for the show to really shine. While you are working on the production, you need a competent crew for your planned light show to be executed well. It’s amazing how the right lighting can create such positive feelings of enjoyment. And isn’t that the ultimate goal of shows – for the audience to be entertained? Then why not give the ultimate show they will gush over for a long time?
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