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Do you want to publish a guest post on my blog? I will happily read your submission and why not, publish it. It’s not something I do every day so this is not quite an established blog posting service but a good piece of content is always welcomed. Accepting guest posts is something I find useful on both short run and on the long run; I guess there’s no need to emphasize the benefits of guest blogging or guest posting as some call it, they are obvious. And if we both can benefit from it, why not?

I know there are a lot of blogs that accept guest posts so why submit a guest blog post to me? I guess you already have the answer. This is a personal blog, of some age already, and going to last forever. From this perspective you can rest assured, your guest post will be here for lifetime. I also take care of the quality of the content published here so if your guest posts are thin and low quality, don’t bother submitting them. But if you are keen and willing to provide visitors with a good piece of content, a solution for the problems they might face, some how to pieces of advice, some tips on how to overcome their obstacles or to make their lives easier and happier, your blog post is more than welcomed. Submit your guest post and I’ll take a look on it immediately.

What topics to cover? I already mentioned, a good piece of content is always welcomed. So the topic is somehow less important (but of course it’s important) as long as it brings something useful to the reader. We all face a lot of problems on a daily basis. They are so diverse so sticking to only one kind or category is not the case. If you write on travel or on home improvement, if you submit a technology guest post or something on finance, if you like to write on fashion or fitness, on business or health, they are equally important and useful for all of us. You can also write on beauty, books, cars, education, family, food, insurance, law, movies, music, parenting, personal development, photography, pregnancy, relationships, taxes, web design, wedding, even wordpress, to name just a few, as long as they prove useful, you are my guest. If you have something else in mind, some different guest post opportunities, show me, I’m open minded.

If you also have a blog and accept guest posts or offer guest blog posting services, let me know, I’m equally interested in publishing guests posts on blogs.

Long story short, if you want to submit a guest post to me, write me at contact [@] jordan-clark [.] com

Looking forward to see you!

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