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Posted on Jun 17, 2017 in Business | 0 comments

Growth Of Groupon

Growth Of Groupon

Groupon is a daily deal website that makes it possible for users to digitally buy vouchers and coupons at discounted prices. It was invented in the year 2008 and its significance has proliferated radically in different nations and countries. It has taken employer branding to the next level, as well as sales on products. The discounts are given for retail stores, restaurants, spas, and a lot of other business units. Every person will be blissful to get a $150 massage for $50, or a food worth $40 for $10. Groupon has made this possible.

Evidently, it is almost impossible for you not to be interested in this opportunity, making the mobile application have more than 9 million users. The level of significance of daily deal services in the United States of America cannot be over emphasized, as 35% of people who own a mobile phone in the country are registered for daily deal services. Considerable percentage of the registered users makes use of groupon and livingsocial. Judging based on December 2012, 50% of groupon’s sales are expected to come from mobile. To save upto 20% OFF on Groupon, use coupons.

Based on what has been assessed, we can observe that 83% of users of the daily deals services make use of group, while only 44% make use of livingsocial. This assessment implies that the number of users of groupon is almost double of the number of users of living social. It is also quite palpable that some users make use of both groupon and livingsocial.

Also, 80.2% of social media users that follow brands use groupon. A lot of people follow brands on social media, accordingly, a lot of people use groupon. Furthermore, 76% of social media users who look for coupons online do so on groupon. Thorough assessment has also shown that 52% of online shoppers use groupon, 30% use living social, and 9% use others.


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