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Posted on Nov 25, 2021 in Blog | 0 comments

4 flower combination ideas for a perfect wedding bouquet

4 flower combination ideas for a perfect wedding bouquet

No wedding is ever complete without the presence of beautiful and fragrant flowers. Fresh blooms are a lovely touch on any occasion, such an eventful day. They’re also a decorative element that completes the ambiance of the place. Regardless of your wedding theme or motif, your choice of flowers is a crucial factor that can make or break your memorable affair.

The same goes for your wedding bouquet. Aside from your dress, it’s the one thing that guests will immediately notice as you gracefully walk down the aisle. Needless to say, a bunch of the most delicate blooms is a must to make your dream bridal look a reality. If you’re still in search of flower combination tips for your wedding bouquet, here are some ideas you might want to consider:

1. Pair Orange And Red Roses With Blue Buds

If you’re having a destination wedding by the ocean, there’s no other perfect color to carry in your bouquet than a mix of colors that reflect the stunning sunset and tranquil waters. Blue, red, and orange are great tones you can put together to create this effect. Since roses are quite a staple in wedding flowers, you can stick with this classic option and just look for blue buds to complement them.

You can go for bright blue orchids, delphiniums, blue grape hyacinths, hydrangeas, and irises. All of these varieties come in stunning blue shades that’ll match well with red and orange roses.

It’s recommended to shop locally for flowers, especially if you want them to stay fresh and fully bloomed the day you say ‘I do.’ So, if you’re getting married, say, in a place like Washington State’s largest city, your best bet is to search for a bunch of blossoms in the area that will suit your preference, such as flower bouquets in Seattle.

2. Make A Combination Of Elegant And Rustic Styles

Sometimes, choosing a flower combination can be tricky, especially when you want to get the best of both worlds. Maybe your wedding theme is leaning towards the elegant side, but you want to add a hint of rustic flair to it. While that may be a challenge, nothing’s impossible if you put your heart, mind, and budget into it. You can make that happen in your wedding bouquet by choosing flower varieties that can turn your unique vision into a reality.

For example, pairing orange astilbe, white peonies, and peach roses can be the perfect autumn wedding bouquet. The muted tones of peach, orange, and white are pretty dreamy, and they can make for an exquisite bunch of blooms on your big day. This style is ideal for autumn and outdoor weddings. There’s no better way to describe elegant and rustic styles than a combination of flowers that are exquisitely handpicked for the mood you want to create.

bride with flower bouquet

Another rustic number you can add to your elegant bouquet is sunflowers. The cheeriness of these flowers is nothing but appealing if you want a hint of unrefined flair in your blooms. Match them with gerbera daisies and bright-colored roses for the right balance of elegance and roughness. You can also add greeneries to make it more striking. Your wedding photographer will certainly have a blast taking endless snaps of not just you and your spouse but also of you and your gorgeous bouquet.

3. Create A Dramatic Contrast

The enchanting charm of fresh flowers creates a dramatic contrast you’ll find alluring. When it comes to wedding bouquets, especially, a bit of drama can make your guests remember what you wore on your special day. If you want to achieve this effect, you can select two or more flower varieties that contrast one another in terms of colors, textures, and sizes.

You can consider an emerging floral trend called the cascading bouquet. This trend features a collection of flowers that literally and dramatically cascades as the bride carries it, creating a trailing effect. You can throw in any kind of flowers you can think of for this look. If you don’t know how or where to start, you can ask your wedding florist for suggestions.

4. Go For A Romantic And Bright Bunch

Spring weddings are all the rage lately, and if you’re having one you’ll have an array of beautiful and vibrant flowers to choose from. Aside from year-round roses, you can pick dahlias, gerbera daisies, poppies, and tulips. These varieties come in different colors and sizes that you can take advantage of, so you can create a romantic and bright bunch of blooms for your springtime love affair.

A good combination to consider is a bouquet that combines the allure of pastel and saturated shades. You can work with all hues of greens, pinks, yellows, and purples for a pastel scheme and add all kinds of blues, oranges, and reds to make a flawless arrangement.

Final Words

Choosing flowers for your wedding is perhaps one of the most exciting parts of planning one. All the colors, varieties, and fragrances just make you want to pick them all – if only that’s possible. To make it easier for you to pick what suits you best, you can take note of these wonderful flower combination ideas.

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