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Posted on Jul 25, 2019 in People | 0 comments

Fast loans for urgent home repairs

Fast loans for urgent home repairs

However careful you are with money, sometimes you end up with an emergency problem at home that is impossible to budget for. Whether it is the air conditioner failing, burst pipes or termite infestation, the thing about these kinds of problems with your home is that you need to get them fixed quickly. Not only that, but they often simply can’t be left for later, as the cost to fix the damage could go up, the longer you delay the repair. As the biggest investment you ever make, your home needs to be looked after, but what can you do when you get unplanned bills?


Remortgaging your home is a way to obtain extra funds while spreading the payment over a long period, making it incredibly affordable. There can be an issue in getting things organized quickly enough in an emergency, as banks like to take their time, however as a funding source it offers everything you could want.

Quick Cash Loans

Filling that gap between the last and next paycheck when you have an emergency means you need a fast response. Cash loans offer a short-term funding solution that is accessible for almost anyone, even those with bad credit. Because the cash loans are short-term, the costs are kept reasonable, making this another affordable option.

The other thing is that cash loans are incredibly fast, with decisions made within a day, and money can be in your bank account just a few hours later. Easy to apply for online, cash loans are the solution whether you have good or bad credit, helping you get your home repairs done when you need it.

Bank Loan

A bank loan, with or without collateral, gives you a straightforward loan, with monthly repayments that keep things affordable. Banks are notoriously slow at handling applications, however if you have time, then a bank loan provides an excellent funding source for those with good credit.

Credit Cards

For anyone that has built their credit score to a reasonable level, credit cards offer an easy solution, you probably already have enough available credit across several cards to cope with almost any emergency. Credit card interest rates are high, so if you use this option, paying the money off as quickly as possible is important. Using cards to get through an emergency, and then taking out a loan to repay it and transfer the debt to a longer-term lower interest situation offers the best of fast results and low cost loans.

Friends and Family

This is not an option for everyone, but for some, asking friends or family could be a last resort. If you do take this route, establish how you will pay it back beforehand, and stick to that schedule. That way, you get your funds, and there is no chance of problems later on.


There are a few ways to find the funds if you are suddenly presented with urgent unplanned home repairs. Whichever approach you take, make sure that you are aware of the costs involved, can afford the repayments. Importantly, whatever the situation, there is an option for you to get the finds you need to fix it.

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