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Posted on Mar 29, 2021 in Blog, Business | 0 comments

5 features you need when looking for an employee recognition system

5 features you need when looking for an employee recognition system

There are two things people want more than money, and that is praise and recognition. According to a recent survey, the turnover rates continue to hover around 15%, which is alarming. The survey mentions people from sales, marketing, technology, and customer service are more likely to leave.

An employee recognition system helps you manage critical aspects of human nature, like employee satisfaction and relationships. It also reduces the employee turnover rate. But, not all employee recognition software is built the same. Hence, here are essential features you need to look for when buying one for your company.

1. Virtual Badges and Trophies

To keep the employees satisfied, you need to ensure the right employees are awarded. Every business needs to track key metrics to assess the employee’s performance. The platforms like come with the option of creating virtual badges and trophies to reward their employees.

Organisations can gamify their employee achievements by awarding them virtual trophies or badges. The badges should be customisable, allowing organisations to link tokens or points that can be used to make their achievement stand out.

2. Instant Recognition Cards

Receiving recognition for a job-well-done is hugely gratifying for the employee. If the recognition is instant, it is more effective and makes the employee feel valued. When employees get timely recognition for their efforts, they are more likely to raise their work standards and productivity.

The instant recognition cards will give the employee something to relate to for their hard work. They will be overwhelmed by the instant gratification.

3. Nomination Wizard

Every employee likes to be honoured for their hard work. Many times the supervising authority may miss the vital contribution of an employee in a job well done. Many companies have policies where employees are allowed to nominate their peers for awards.

Some platforms have a feature that works on the same principle. It allows employees to nominate their peers for awards. The nomination is then sent to the nomination manager for approval. The nomination wizard increases employee engagement and allows employees to become part of the process.

4. Surveys

Surveys play an essential role in finding the employee views and satisfaction levels. The employee recognition system should have a survey feature that will allow the organisation to conduct surveys and gather essential data related to employee satisfaction levels.

The survey tool can be useful to get valuable insights on different aspects related to employees. The findings can help initiate changes for the better and make the employees trust and love their organisation more.

5. Training

The technological landscape is ever-changing. Organisations are required to conduct training programs to upgrade the skills of their employees and enhance productivity. The employee recognition system should have a training feature that will allow the organisation to put all training material on one platform.

The software should allow integration with LMS. It will allow organisations to find out how employees are interacting and using the training material.

As per the latest research, 9 out of 10 companies have recognition programs for employees. To make these programs useful, these programs should be integrated with the right employee recognition system to make them more effective and deliver more value to both; employees and the organisation.

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