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Posted on Mar 9, 2015 in Blog, Gadgets | 0 comments

Clock Fan or Fan Clock?

Clock Fan or Fan Clock?

Too hot and air conditioning too far? There’s an easy and cheap solution for you: the USB Fan. You already know this kind of product, it’s only one of the many USB gadgets available in shops among USB lights, massage gadgets, hand warmers, air fresheners and more. But this one isn’t just an ordinary fan. It’s a Clock Fan. Or, if you prefer the clock functionality more, the Fan Clock. You have to attach it to an USB port to see it in action, otherwise it will not impress you, it would be the same ordinary USB fan on top of a flexible metallic snake neck you can adjust easily.

Once powered and blades spinning, the magic reveals: the blades light up and start displaying a clock, a real clock, synchronized with your laptop time, with clock digits and real-time moving second, minute and hour hand. The perfect way to know how much till the end of the working hours with a cool and gentle breeze over your hands or face. It will not replace the air conditioning thou.

The secret is incorporated into one of the blades, which features a small tape of tiny LED lights. When the blades are spinning, their circular move creates the image of the clock. Now every time your colleagues will want you to tell them what is the time, you’ll be able to answer them just before they finish their question.

Interested? You can get it at approx. 20 USD in US or about 13 pounds in UK. So keep calm, stay cool and count the seconds.

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