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Posted on Dec 18, 2016 in Books | 0 comments



by Martina Cole

Book Description

Survival. It’s all down to who you trust.

Aiden O’Hara has been head of the family since he was kid, and he’s going to keep it that way.

Jade Dixon is the one who watches his back. Mother of his son. The one who makes him invincible.

But Jade’s been in the game a lot longer than Aiden. She knows no one’s indestructible.

And when you’re at the top, that’s when you’ve got to watch the hardest.

Especially the ones closest to you . .

Pages: 480
Publisher: Headline
Published: 20 October 2016
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 15.9 x 4.1 x 23.9 cm

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