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Posted on Apr 11, 2015 in Blog, People | 0 comments

Lovely 8 month twin babies dancing

Lovely 8 month twin babies dancing

Just saw this video on the net and decided to bring it here and show it to you. I think some of you already saw it, some of you didn’t. They’re so cute and happy babies they make your heart sing when you see them. It’s the short story of eight month old twin girls dancing to their’s mom singing. They’re incredibly beautiful daughters and their mom is a supermom as she actually entertains her babies, also spends quality time with her kids without technology.

It’s one of a kind video when you’re having a bad day just take a look, or two, at it and let these two adorable giggles entertain you. Imagine them with little monocles and top hats on these girls as they danced. Sweet!

I have to admit they made me laugh once, they made me laugh twice, well, third time I saw the babies sitting a bit on the edge of the bed. I thought it’s dangerous as she can fall. I relaxed when saw her falling on her back to her mother’s surprise.

I guess you already recognized the song. If not, well, it’s the EastEnders theme song.

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