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Posted on Apr 18, 2015 in Blog, Photography | 0 comments

The most beautiful auroras and polar skies

I bet you like to see pictures of the auroras, no matter it’s aurora borealis or aurora australis. Who doesn’t? Or better, I bet you like to see the auroras on spot, in high latitude. This isn’t so easy as for enjoying some photographs. You have to live there or to travel there. For those who are living under these amazing skies, I tend to say they’re lucky; on the other hand living close to the poles isn’t easy, for sure. For travellers it may be the journey of their lives as its not a common sight but an exceptionally beautiful one. There is one more category, those who are travelling from Europe to the West Coast of the USA or from Asian cities to the East Coast of the USA or from Argentina to New Zealand and Australia and those airplanes fly above the poles.

If you want to get some information on how these natural light displays form in the sky, well, they are caused by charged particles, mostly electrons and protons entering the Earth’s atmosphere from above and causing ionisation of the particles already existing in the atmosphere, leading to optical emissions. Now, regarding the colors of the auroras, they’re red when the atmosphere is low in oxygen atoms concentration and there’s a “rain” of particles from outer space under most intense solar activity, green when molecular nitrogen collides with oxygen atoms in high concentration, blue when atomic oxygen is missing at lower altitudes, typically at the lower edges of the auroras, and yellow and pink which are a mix of red and green and blue.

So here’s an invite to see the most beautiful auroras and polar skies around the world, in Full HD or 4K, just choose your desired quality, expand it to full screen and enjoy it.

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