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Posted on Dec 8, 2020 in Blog, People | 0 comments

7 tips to know in dating

7 tips to know in dating

Dating is a lot of things, and it can sometimes be fun, enlightening, exciting, and sweet. However, there are times when it becomes laborious, awkward, painful, and repetitive especially if you are with the wrong person. However, no one defines dating as simple.

Merriam-Webster defines dating as a series of engagements done by two people looking to marry each other, or it can be a romantic appointment. Of course, there’s no pressure to marry the first person you date, and today, many people have a clearer definition of what dating means to them. Here is some advice that you may find useful, especially if you are new to the dating scene.

What to Do on the First Dates

1. Set Rules and Boundaries

If you are still unsure of the boundaries to make, you may discover it when the time comes with your first date. You will find the things that you’re comfortable doing, and you may know the qualities of the partner that you would want to have.

Some will have feelings for those people who have the same ambitions, lifestyles, and support systems as they do and feel that the two of them have chemistry. While you may think that you need to be flexible, it is still important to set boundaries. Speak up on the things that you’re not comfortable doing or discuss them at first to set things straight but avoid being too rigid.

If you are strict with likes/dislikes and won’t/will dos, then you may be missing out on new experiences to grow and expand your horizons. Stay curious and ask questions. Never mind if your date finds you to be illogical. If you are into Greek dating, ask your date about the food, culture, and people in their country. You will never know where you’re going to land sometimes, which is a change that you desperately need in your life at the moment.

2. There are Awkward Moments

You may have accidentally elbowed the trachea of the other person during a hug, fallen asleep in the car, forgotten their names, spilled wine on the table, and did a lot of other awkward moments.

It’s natural to be nervous and feel a little uncomfortable in the company of the other person that’s literally a stranger. But these are all part of the package, and once you accept that unexpected things can happen, everything can be so much fun and unforgettable. You and he will learn to bounce back from the slip-ups and do better next time.

3. Call It Off If they are Looking for Something Different

You may encounter a person who wants to marry you right off the bat or who invites you to his place to spend the night. If you notice that they are beginning to insist on the things that you are uncomfortable doing, don’t be afraid to call the night off.

Be brave to leave your date if things don’t work out. After all, you don’t have any obligation to keep them happy and follow what they tell you. Set expectations and ensure that both of you are on the same page to avoid trouble down the road.

4. Don’t Tone Yourself Down

Be yourself when you are with another person and never even try to tone down your personality. If you keep on concealing the real you or hide habits just to please them, then you shouldn’t be with them in the first place. You are not doing yourself any favors by being a people-pleaser.

Besides, if everything works out, the other person will eventually find out about your true self, quirks, habits, and a lot more. The right one will adore you for who you are rather than wanting to be with the person that you’re presenting to the world. Let them know who you are and what you like from the get-go and see if they stay.

5. Switch Locations

If you decide to try dating the same person for the second time, go to a different place this time. You may choose the same bar or park repeatedly because the location is convenient for both of you and going there is a no-brainer.

However, there’s always a chance that you will run into an ex or a previous date while you are in a specific bar. You may have exes where their friends are hanging in the same club, which happens to be your date now. If possible, go to another place and see how your date will react if both of you are out of the bar, sober, and sitting in a cinema.

6. It’s not the Right Time Despite what you Think

You may feel insecure about your quirks, tendencies, mannerisms, and behaviors, and this may not be the right time to go out with someone. Maybe, try working on being more comfortable with yourself first. Read books that will help raise your self-esteem and watch videos about improvement.

It would be best if you were confident and comfortable with your own skin, and your date will notice this. Define your limits and intentions on why you would go out with someone. If you have just broken up with somebody, maybe you are not yet healed. Take time to pursue your passions, goals, and interests.

7. Paying for the First Dinner does not Define them

Whether your date will pay for the first dinner will and should never be an indicator of the kind of person they are. For example, some men may gladly pay for the first date, but they will never do this again. Know more about who should pay for the first date on this site. You will have to reach out for your wallet every time you decide to spend your weekends with that specific person.

Meanwhile, you may have gone Dutch with someone, and they ended up treating you on the other consecutive dates. Some guys have forgotten their wallets because of nervousness. A nice gesture would be to pay for your part in the first round, especially if you were the one who planned the entire thing.

These are just some of the things that you can do on your first date, and there’s so much more! What’s important is you’re having fun, and you discover how you react to certain situations, and there are improvements.

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